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Fusign - The Future of Digital Reality
Fusign business card
Fusign business card

Are you eager to experience the futuristic augmented reality business cards ?

Make Your Business Card Into Interactive Marketing Tool !

Transform your networking game with an amazing AR business card that will set you out from the crowd.

FRusign Business card

Match Your Brand To Your Style 

Make use of personalized 3D characters that express your company's identity. These characters interact with customers and actively promote your brand via your AR business card, which you couldn't possible fit on a traditional business card. It will assist individuals in transforming reality by creating a more instinctive and enjoyable environment. 

Fusign Business Card

Web -based augmented reality experience

Your augmented reality business card serves as a virtual advertisement, providing people more useful information about your brand. Your content can include company videos, amusing 3D models which talk about your brand, social networking, website connections and call-to-action buttons. Users can scan the business card through their normal phone camera to trigger an AR experience, its that simple and easy. Web-based AR technology does not require installation of any app for AR experience. Make it really easy!

Let's build some magic together. . 

Features of AR Business Card

2D and 3D Content

Various 2D and 3D content types are supported.

2D formats such as videos, animations and graphics.

3D formats such as 3D models, 3D animations, 3D static videos.

Web AR Technology

Web AR tracking technology utilizes a smartphone camera to trigger and exhibit Augmented Reality experiences in any iOS or Android mobile web browser. It makes the users access the content in a easier way and reduces the loading time of the page.

Call-To-Action Buttons

The Call-To-Action buttons can send pre-written emails, call numbers, browse to websites, send SMS messages, gather contact information, and share social network postings.

Image Tracking

Content may be augmented onto flat or curved pictures such as business cards, posters, floor decals, product packaging, and any curved products, using our tracking technology. Any image or photograph can be used as an AR marker. The majority of current visuals are compatible with Web-AR, and QR codes.

The Future of . . .

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Get Your Finest and Distinctive AR Business Cards Now!

Fusign Business Cards
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